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What We Do

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What We Do at E&M Services

E&M Services thoroughly understands the oil and gas market in the Bakken Oilfield region, and we will continue to specialize in serving our many customers.
​We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and sticking to our core values
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Roustabout Services

Services include setting tanks, pumping unit and LACTs, grading bands, building steel and earthen containments, spray containments, and installation of treaters. We plumb in all equipment with coated steel, uncoated steel, fiberglass, or poly pipe. Pressure testing is performed upon completion to ensure a safe start up.

Facility Maintenance and Management

Skilled staff who provide 24/7 services to your drivers and facilities by manning your oil and salt water disposal operations. Including monitoring off-loads, reading meters, and conducting measurements in a safe and timely manner.


Our crews have experience in water and snow removal, trenching over lines, daylighting, confined space clean-up, and treater PM programs including checking the coatings. We can handle salt water, oil, and other contaminant spills on and off the well site. The precision of our hydro-vac and hydro-excavation operations ensure that your site will be up and running in the shortest amount of time using the safest and most environmentally friendly methods available.

Welding & Fabrication

Our team of experienced welders can handle all of your welding and fabrication needs whether it be stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or more. We offer field welders to meet you on location, as well as a weld shop. Our weld shop is equipped with the tools and personnel to provide a cost effective, quality product. Please ask about our weld shop pamphlet for a listing of products and services.​

Insulation Services

Insulation of buildings and equipment with a wide range of products including fiberglass, Fit Tight, and Neo-Insulation to provide freeze protection, heat transfer, and noise protection.

Flow Testing & Frac Watch Services

Tracking oil production and monitoring well head pressures on new and existing well sites to determine communication, oil production, and water volumes. We can also make arrangements for the trucking of product when needed.

Development Construction

Providing complete development from bare prairie up to minor landscaping. We are equipped to assist you in construction of storm water run-off, road design, and water line and septic installation.

Gauging & Pumping

Our highly skilled team of professionals provide quality production services. We can tailor a program to assist you in Pumping, Relief Pumping, and Gauging (oil buying) on your well sites. Our employees are trained to BLM gauging standards, and are equipped to perform grind outs on your location.

Sandblasting & Coating

​Our crews work efficiently to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. These services can be provided in the field or in our paint shop as well, if a controlled environment is necessary​

Crane service

E&M Services offers top-notch crane services with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Our modern cranes, handled by skilled operators, cater to a range of lifting needs in construction, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. Our offerings include rigging, heavy hauling, and maintenance. Choose E&M Services for a reliable partner committed to your project’s success.